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low carb keto srawberrt pratzel

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low carb keto srawberrt pratzel


As you bite into this creamy keto cheesecake you won’t believe it is sugar-free, grain-free, and low carb. At the end of this post, you’ll find some different topping recommendations if you’d like to do something different than fresh berries.

Is there anything like that first bite of cheesecake? As your fork glides through the creamy, smooth base. With just the right amount of crust on the bottom. The smoothness of the cheesecake melds with flavors of vanilla… you close your eyes to savor it and make the moment last as long as you can.

Best Friends…

We should all give great thanks to my bestest friend Karen for starting me down this path! Way back in the day (we won’t even talk about how many years ago), I taught Karen how to make amazing cheesecakes.

She’s continued to make cheesecakes and has gotten very creative with flavor combinations. We stopped to see her on our way home from a family trip and she presented me with a Keto Cheesecake.


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